In the final hours of the trading period, the NBA is at perhaps its most exciting, as some of the games tend to be a little tedious at times, but the labyrinthine moves NBA team general managers make in the attempt to make it look as though they are doing something to earn their hefty pay envelopes, can be a thing of vast entertainment.

Yesterday’s scuttlebutt had Andrew Bogut going to the Boston Celtics, but he was instead dealt to the Philadelphia 76ers, although he could still be part of a multi-player deal that will determine where he will finish out the season.

It is quite possible, probable in fact, that Philly will use Bogut to attract attention from another team, but if that should fail to pan out, the 76ers may look to negotiate a buyout with Bogut, in which event he would become an unrestricted free agent. At that point, he is free to negotiate with any and all teams that have short-term needs for a 32-year-old centre who is obviously at the back end of his career.

Rules prevent Bogut from returning to the Golden State Warriors before July of 2017, by which time the 2106 – 2017 season should be over.

Boston has expressed interest in him, but they have to have the right package to persuade the 76ers to part with him. The Cleveland Cavaliers have been keeping an eye on Bogut and he could land there, given the blessing of he who has the ultimate say.