The rumour mill is swirling with reports that a rare LeBron James rookie card up for auction could fetch as much as $200,000, and no, the high bidder is not LeBron, nor would he get the money as the seller.

The card was printed in 2003 and is still in mint condition. Upper Deck cards was the publisher and the card is autographed by James and is accompanied by an NBA logo patch from one of his jerseys.

The final selling price of the card is yet to be determined. At this point, there have been four bids only, the highest of which is $65,000, well below, but our math at least, the $200,000 price expected by auctioneer agency Goldin auction.

The card was found by a collector and was part of a series labelled the “Ultimate Collection.”

It is possible for anyone seriously interested in a LeBron James rookie card to get one for far less than $65,000 or $200,000. A quick check of the market on eBay turned up some for as little as $14, so the lesson to be derived is that it always pays to shop around.