Running seems like such a simple thing to do, something possible for anyone. After all, it is simply walking conducted at a much higher speed, right?

According to Jarryd Hayne, however, he has had to spend considerable effort on altering the running style he used so effectively as the NRL’s top player to a lower, more compact style that is more effective for NFL football. To do that, he had to focus on gaining strength in his hips and gluteus maximus muscles in order to improve his balance and make quick cuts whilst running at high rates of speed.

Many may wonder what prompted one of the better rugby players to chuck guaranteed big NRL money for the uncertainty of becoming an NFL running back, one of the most disposable of all gridiron positions.

Hayne might claim that the challenge is what appealed to him, but at any rate, it appears that he spent the last three months training with maniacal intensity in Australia and showed up in San Francisco in top physical form.

With one year of NFL experience to his credit, Hayne will be better equipped to deal with the challenge of learning the offensive system of new 49ers Coach Chip Kelly and his story will continue to be one of the most intriguing in sports.