If the story continues on its current arc, it might be possible to skip the possession of athletic talent combined with years of hard work and dedication, and simply get your Olympic Gold Medal on eBay, or some similar auction site. They certainly do not appear to cost too dearly. Of course, authenticity might be an issue.

At any rate, there could be a healthy supply if the IOC does go along with the recommendations of the World Anti-Doping Committee and bar not just the track and field athletes, but also the entire Russian 2016 Rio Olympic contingent from the games.

The U.S. boycotted the games in 1980 in protest over the former Soviet Union invading Afghanistan. Ironic, given that the U.S. has been in that unfortunate country after taking over from the Russians in 2001.

In retaliation, Russia boycotted the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Many U.S. athletes earned gold that year in events that had the Russians been present, only the most optimistic of the American squad could have envisioned anything better than a bronze medal, especially considering the Soviet Union’s dominance in gymnastics.

The IOC is expected to announce a decision as soon as Friday. The sanctioning bodies of the individual sports have come out in opposition to a blanket ban of the Russians.