There are still bargains to be found in the world of professional sports.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (ZI) is through with the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer after two seasons of U.S. soccer.

He will be able to go elsewhere in January of 2020.

The reports are that the parting was mutually acceptable, but Zlatan was earning ‘only’ $US 7 million in Los Angeles.

Speculation exists that Ibrahimovic is considering a move to the Champions League in quest of one trophy he has never won.

Now 38 years of age, ZI might be considered past his expiration date, but MLS has suggested that Ibra had “received several offers.”

The MLS added that ZI’s best destination is “probably in Italy,” and AC Milan, where ZI won a title in 2011, are considered front-runners.

Observers mention that signing a 38-year-old striker might go against AC Milan’s strategy of late, focusing on signing players below the age of 25, but we have yet to learn of a strategy in any code where the plan was to go out and find the oldest player.

AC Milan, if it were to sing ZI, would be paying low wages and offering a short term, but there are other clubs that might pay him close to his value.

Inter Milan is another potential destination and if it is ZI’s though process to finish out in Milan, it would be hard to fault him.

For those who have never been to Milan, think Adelaide without all the fox bats or Gold Coast without the Titans.

Sources close to Inter Milan believe that the club might be wary of committing, because ZI would necessitate a shift in the club’s system.

The name of Paris Saint-Germain usually surfaces in these types of scenarios and ZI spent more of his time in Europe with PSG than any other club.

There has also been mention of EPL club Manchester United and while United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has not ruled bringing Zlatan back, but like AC, United are interested in younger players.