More than a few New South Walers want to know why Greg Inglis, born in Blues territory, chose to play for the Maroons, where he has run roughshod over NSW defences.

That has been the case for over 10 years, more so for the Maroons’ dominance in the State of Origin series that has seem them claim the title on 11 of the past 12 series.

Under the currentregulations, Inglis would not be able to defect north of the Tweed, but Inglis, as a teenager, was able to choose Queensland and has gone on to make thirtyappearances for the Maroons.

Speaking to Queenslanders Only, Inglis openly admitted, “I get criticised about it all the time. Look there was no doubt I was born in NSW and played all my junior league for NSW.People ask me where I’m from and I say I’m born and raised in Kempsey which is mid-north coast NSW.”

“The reason why I chose Queensland — I had a choice — back then it was a choice I said to myself ‘I’ve been living up here for two years and this is where I want to stay’. I wanted to stay up and I actually wanted to play for the Broncos.The camaraderie that Queensland had, I just decided to sign on the piece of paper and it was like ‘yep, I’m ticking Queensland.”

Inglis missed Origin for the first time since 2006 after a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament made it impossible for him to play this year.

Inglis was supposed to continue playing for Melbourne, but signed with the Broncos in 2010 after the Melbourne Salary Cap Scandal came to light. He played five seasons with the Storm and then backed out of the deal to play with Brisbane. He has been back in NSW with the South Sydney Rabbitohs ever since.