One of the pitfalls of fame and fortune in professional sports is the frequent necessity of relocation and living in locales not of one’s choosing.

Such is/was the case for Carlton Blues’ on-baller Bryce Gibbs, who requested a trade to Adelaide so that he might return to his familiar South Australia stomping grounds.

Gibbs had contacted the Crows about the potential for exploring a move, even though he had three years remaining on his contract with the Blues.

The two sides could not reach a deal that was suitable to all involved, so Gibbs was unable to make the move to West Lakes.

Blues skipper Marc Murphy, despite the risk to the team represented by the loss of Gibbs, supported the move, which was based more on family reasons than on any real or perceived shortcomings on the part of the Blues by Gibbs.

True, Gibbs would have moved up the AFL ladder more than a few rungs had the exchange come to fruition, but Carlton obviously felt that Gibbs’ value was beyond anything the Crows could offer, and the Crows, given their recent record of success, felt that a Crow in the hand was worth two in the bush.

Gibbs is back at IKON Park alongside his Blues mates for pre-season training and appears plussed at the current situation.