Anyone who thought the premiership drought of the Western Bulldogs (nee Footscray) was a prolonged dry spell should be grateful that they are not supporters of the Chicago Cubs. Anyone still alive since the last time the Cubs won it all in 1908 would be at least 109 years old, probably dead therefore.

The Cubs hold the record, and this is the world record we are speaking of here, for time between titles.

Their prospects for 2016 look good, if the regular season can be used and history is replete of examples when it cannot be (see 2016 Western Bulldogs), the Cubs would have to be the odds-on favourite for a victory in this year’s World Series.

The Cubbies were the only team to win over 100 games during the regular season, posting a record of 103 – 58.

The last time they led the league in wins, in 1910, they lost the World Series to the Philadelphia Athletics. They won 116 games in 1906, losing only 36 times in a season that was 10 games shorter than what is currently in effect. It might have been some small comfort to the Cubs that at least they did not have to travel far to lose the World Series that year, as it was the Chicago White Sox that won that year.