The NRL has yet to confer its blessing on the 2017 return of Kieran Foran, even though Foran has secured a contract from the New Zealand Warriors.

The NRL has not had the opportunity to review the contract, much less grant approval and even should they do so, the spectre of a lengthy suspension will hang over the heads of the Warriors and Foran.

The primary concern on the part of the league seem to be whether or not Foran is fit to return to the game, and that would seem to imply more concern over mental/emotional fitness than physical conditioning.

The NRL seems especially interested in speaking with Foran about his association with the controversial punter “Fast” Eddie Hayson. Should Foran satisfy the league on that score, he could still expect a suspension similar to those given to Corey Norman and Mitchell Pearce.

The issue with Foran’s Hayson connection involves the attempt by Hayson to deposit $30,000 into a personal punting account belonging for Foran.

Speaking of wagering, the prospect of Foran playing for the Warriors caused the teams’ premiership odds to plummet from $15 to $11 with TAB mere minutes after the signing was announced.

There also needs to be some clarification on how Foran’s salary will be counted against the cap.