Triple Lion premiership player Jonathan Brown has a plan to bring life back to the Gold Coast Suns, unfortunately, it would rely on Gold Coast taking a hard line with the clubs in line to snatch up Tom Lynch, who has made no secret of his desire to escape the pit of despair in the north.

Brown’s plan would involve a multi-player deal to bring experienced players to the Suns, but it is hard to imagine that there would be many takers beyond moves smacking of desperation, such as bringing Gary Ablett back with the lure of a coaching gig or something similar.

The motto in Gold Coast during this edition of the Toyota AFL Premiership competition seems to be, “Yes, but we are not the Blues.”

Gold Coast simply seems to be entirely bereft of any leverage. They will have good draft picks, but the league could reincarnate itself with high draft picks who failed to fire as seniors and there is not a club in the AFL, other than the few with solid lists, which have the luxury of taking a flyer on unproven talent.

The Gold Coast exodus in already underway. Lynch has informed the Suns that he fully intends to exercise his free agent rights and test his value with one of the Victorian clubs.

About the only blemish on Lynch’s resume is that he has yet to play more than 22 games in a season, entirely due to the Suns’ inability to get to the finals.

Brown thinks that at a minimum, the Suns should demand two first-round picks, match any offer from a rival club and force a trade.

Lynch obviously does not want to enter the draft and find himself with Carlton for 2019.

The Suns, if they can pry two first-round picks from any of the clubs targeting Lynch, will have five first rounders in the next draft.

Brown would like to see the Suns try to pick up some of the Sydney players, but it seems more likely that the Suns could simply move the club under cover of darkness and simply tell everyone that they are now Collingwood.