The Cleveland Cavaliers let LeBron bolt to join the Los Angeles Lakers and the Cavs have started the season with a six-game duck, which has cost Tyronn Lue his job.

The club has installed Larry Drew as an interim coach, but that is not the storyline Drew is putting forth.

“I am not the interim coach, I’m the voice right now,” Drew told reporters on Monday.“I’m sure you guys are aware that there is some talks that are going on. I don’t know if any type of agreement or settlement will be made. I am prepared either way. I’ll continue to do my job.”

The Lakers have a record of just two wins against four losses in the early going of the 2018 – 2019 NBA season, so Luke Walton had better have his resume up to date, as the additions of LeBron has not offered them much improvement.

LeBron is making big money, however, and by jumping to the Western Conference, he may have the chance to lose to Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors much earlier in the season.

In the world of the NBA, a world that is no stranger to irony, the Lakers might already be talking to Lue, assuming of course that LeBron gives such talks his blessing.

Drew is interested in a long-term deal with Cleveland. They might offer him four years, but four months might be closer to the actual length of his tenure. The Cavs have lost Kevin Love to an injury. They still have J.R. Smith, but he is quite costly and his .3 points-per-game and 12 minutes of court time suggests that he might be on the same unemployment line as Lue.

Drew has considerable coaching experience in the NBA. He has been the head coach of the Atlanta Hawks and the Milwaukee Bucks, where he compiled a record of 15 – 67.