Just when you though Novak Djokovic’s road to the finals could not get any easier, get easier it did.

The Djoker is into the semifinals after playing only six hours’ worth of tennis in five matches.

Astoundingly, Djokovic had to play only two sets, both of which he won easily, by the way, before his opponent, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga bowed out at the beginning of the third set with a knee injury.

At this point, we must ask, is anyone tipping Djokovic to get a fourth and fifth walkover to be handed the U.S. Open title?

He has played only one complete match the entire tournament and for Andy Murray, Djokovic’s probable opponent in the final, it would seem to be the prospect of facing a very well-rested Djokovic with the hopes of finding one rusted by all the inactivity.

The most recent mid-match submission saw Tsonga receive treatment from a trainer between the end of the second set and the start of the third. He had his leg taped below the knee and then immediately proceeded to double fault on his first serve of the third set before forfeiting the match.

Djokovic’s next opponent will be French veteran Gael Monfils, who has not been in the semifinals of a Grand Slam tournament since 2008.