There is rampant speculation over who will be in the starting grid for Team Mercedes when the 2017 Formula One season gets underway in the Australian Grand Prix in Australia come March 23, but Daniel Ricciardo says it will not be him, as he has committed to Team Red Bull for the next two seasons.

The smart money is on Mercedes poaching Valtteri Bottas from Team Williams.

Ricciardo expressed admiration for Bottas’ natural abilities, but doubts that were he looking to have a punt on either Bottas or Lewis Hamilton; he would put the money on Bottas.

It would take some superhuman negotiation to wrest Bottas away from Williams, but the outtake were that maneuver successful could lead to some surprises when it comes to a replacement for Bottas at Williams.

Ricciardo, whilst paying a visit to the training camp of the AFL West Coast Eagles he ardently supports, hinted at the possession of some juicy inside information, but he was coy in his refusal to disclose what he knows.

Nico Rosberg’s shock decision to retire after winning the 2016 F1 Championship has thrown the normally quiet period at the end of the F1 season into high dudgeon, with seemingly everyone with a drivers’ certificate being in the running. It has the makings of compelling reality TV show. “Who Wants to be an F1 Driver?”