While Conor McGregor seems to have temporarily gone silent, emphasis on the temporary, Daniel Cormier was anything but silent following his recent win over Derrick Lewis in UFC 230 at New York City.

Not long after laying claim to GOAT status, Cormier took aim at Brock Lesnar.

“Brock Lesnar, when you come, bring that brand new WWE title,” Cormier said in his post-fight interview.“I feel like being a WWE champion too.”

For a man who makes his living in the brutal UFC octagon, Cormier seems positively affable for an appearance perspective. We would gladly sit down for a tinny with him.

Lesnar, on the other hand, looks like the sort with whom we would not want to share a continent, let alone a drink.

Cormier, in beating Lewis, put up his first successful defense of the heavyweight title his took from Stipe Miocic at UFC 226. Beating Lewis made Cormier the first man to successfully defend a championship in two different weight classes.

Dana White had never intended for the 39-year-old Cormier to take the first with Lewis, but someone was needed in order to supply a matchup worthy of a main event at Madison Square Garden.

Lewis is the sort who can end a fight in nanoseconds with his punching power, but Cormier is the more rounded fighter and currently enjoys the UFC’s number one ranking in the pound-for-pound category.

Cormier took Lewis to the mat, so as to negate Lewis’ punching advantage.

After the win, Cormier expressed respect for Lewis, saying, “Everything he did had unbelievable power. What a guy Derrick Lewis is, I truly do appreciate him. I love his Instagram, I love his story, and it was an honour for me to share the Octagon with him.”

Well, there you go Derrick Lewis, you may have lost a UFC fight, but you gained a like, or a follower, or a whatever it is they call
it on Instagram.