Despite our Irish heritage and our observation that the only thing we like to do better than drink is fight, we have to vehemently disagree with UFC honcho Dana White’s assessment that Conor McGregor has a shot at beating Floyd Mayweather, assuming that Mayweather can be sufficiently monetised to come out of retirement for a mega-fight.

We do think that Mayweather will answer the bell, just as soon as he has milked the publicity to the extent where he will receive an adequate payday.

Dana White thinks that McGregor could see a payday of $60 – 70 million and that Mayweather may be able to walk away with $100 million.

White does claim that Mayweather will have some issues against the left-handed McGregor, but Mayweather has an undefeated record of 49 wins and it is certain that he has faced more than one southpaw.

Our fearless prediction, should the fight actually materialise, is that Mayweather will slowly beat McGregor senseless over the course of the fight, rather than knock him out straight away, just to give the pay-per-view lot a good bargain.

For the UFC, they have to question whether McGregor would come back to fight for the money he can attract for his MMA fights if he should cash the check for a fight with Mayweather.

We Irish may not be the keenest, but we know that $60 million will probably last a lifetime for drinking purposes. We can always make fighting a hobby and just do it for fun.