In the 2016 – 2017 edition of the NFL, it appears that should you want to beat the Dallas Cowboys, you have to be the New York Giants.

The Giants beat the Dallas side in the inaugural game of the season, in Dallas, and then pulled off the repeat last night on their home ground MetLife Stadium, aka The Meadowlands.

The Cowboys still lead the NFL with 11 wins, although the New England Patriots do not play until Monday evening (U.S.) and can tie the Cowboys if they can beat the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football.

The Giants a few short weeks ago appeared headed nowhere this season until they won four of their last five, the only recent loss being a game in Pittsburgh at Heinz Field that featured not one, but two Aussie punters, Brad Wing of the Giants, a former Steeler, and Jordan Berry of the Steelers.

The Cowboys, at 12 – 2, have a firm grip on the NFC, despite losing to the Giants, but their three remaining games are against two opponents fighting for post-season spots, so they will face determined competition from the Buccaneers and the Lions. They conclude with a rest game against the Philadelphia Eagles.