The UFC is abuzz following the recent bombshell announcement of Conor McGregor that he will no longer be a participant.

McGegor was one of the top attractions for the UFC, so his retirement sent shockwaves through the ranks. Many of the sport’s supporters were flabbergasted that any Irishman, usually more than willing to fight for no pay, would walk away from the substantial money the UFC was sending McGregor’s way.

After his shocking loss in UFC 196 to late replacement Nate Diaz, a rematch would have drawn spectacular interest.

There is more than a little speculation going on that money is not the only issue that prompted McGregor to walk away from Mixed Martial Arts competition, one possible reason being that he objected to being asked to take a training pause from his camp in Iceland to do a U.S. media tour.

It represents something of a labour issue for the UFC. It treats competitors as independent contractors, yet still makes demands as though they were employees without providing them with that status or any of the accompanying benefits.

McGregor possibly wants to not only be recognised as an employee, rather than an independent contractor, he also may want to be a UFC partner/owner.