The Coalition are racing towards a victory on Saturday week according to the odds from online bookmaker, firming from $1.08 into Black Caviar like odds of $1.07 with Labor drifting to $8.00.

The chances of a Hung Parliament are also on the wane, moving from $1.18 into $1.12 – with one punter placing a $5,000 wager for there not being one.

As debate continues to rage on the leasing of NSW electricity and its selling price, the odds on the subject make for interesting reading.

Going for the price Mike Baird claims of between $12 billion and $15 billion is the $3.00 favourite in the market, followed by $15 billion to $17 billion at $4.50.

The claims of raising over the $20 billion are not without hope either, paying $4.50 while between $10 billion and $12 billion is paying $8.00 with under the $10 billion claims a longshot at $12.

“The Coalition are edging closer and closer to the odds we used to see Black Caviar get over the line with and that doesn’t bode well for Labor,” said’s Will Byrne.

Markets courtesy of Join Here.

NSW 2015 State Election Winner

(prices in brackets from 18th March)

$1.07 Coalition (in from $1.08)

$8.00 Labor (out from $7.00)

Will there be a Hung Parliament?

$1.12 No (in from $1.18)

$5.50 Yes (out from $4.20)

What will NSW electricity be leased for?

$12 Under $10bn

$8.00 $10bn to $11.99bn

$3.00 $12bn to $14.99bn

$4.00 $15bn to $16.99bn

$6.00 $17bn to $19.99bn

$4.50 $20bn or more