Buddy Franklin now looks likely to bounce back from injury against the Hawks but punters with online bookmaker sportsbet.com.au have really sharpened their knives!

Over 70% of the money wagered has gone on Franklin kicking more behinds than goals against the Hawks and the price has since moved from $3.50 into $3.25, whilst the opposite scenario for more goals than behinds drifts from $1.75 out to $1.80.

But if that isn’t surprising enough, Sportsbet are also reporting that a massive 85% of money has gone on the former Hawks
favourite not scoring a goal at all, seeing the price shorten from $5.00 in to $4.00.

In head to head betting, Hawthorn have attracted a huge 89% of total money wagered, priced at $1.45, with the Swans paying

“Do punters forgive and forget? Not judging by our markets. They clearly want Buddy to crash and burn at his reunion,” said sportsbet.com.au’s Will Byrne.

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Buddy accurate   
$1.80   More goals than behinds      (out from $1.75)                                

$3.25   More behinds than goals        (in from $3.50)
$4.00   Equal goals and behinds         (steady)

Number of Buddy goals   
$4.00   0 goals             (in from $5.00)           

$5.00   1 goal              (steady)
$3.50   2 goals             (steady)
$3.00   3 goals            (steady)                   
$5.50   4 goals             (steady)
$8.00   5 goals             (steady)
$18      6 goals             (steady)
$31      7 goals             (steady)
$34      8+ goals           (steady)

Buddy to get to 600?    

$34      Buddy to kick 8 or more this week

Buddy disposals   
$1.88   Over 15.5                                 

$1.88   Under 15.5

Head to Head   

$2.75   Sydney
$1.45   Hawthorn