For us ink-stained scribes who make a living writing about sports, the offseason is often just as productive as is the season itself, as teams from various leagues begin to maneuver and joust for position in the hopes of improving for the following season.

In the AFL, the recent decision by the Brisbane Lions, they of 2016 wooden spoon infamy, have decided that improving their fortunes in 2017 will be the responsibility of new senior coach Chris Fagan.

Fagan could be found recently in the role of Hawthorn football manager. He was picked to replace Justin Leppitsch to guide the Lions over Carlton Blues interim coach John Barker and former Western Bulldogs assistant Brett Montgomery.

Fagan spent nine years with the Hawks, beginning initially as the head of coaching and development before being promoted to general manager of football operations.

Fagan will lean heavily on the draft in order to secure new, long term talent and he hopefully will be given an adequate amount of time to assemble a side with the potential to be more competitive that the Lions of late.

Fagan has more coaching than playing in his background and the hopes are that he can use his administrative experience to assemble an organisation where he can oversee a staff.