After encountering some serious backlash over his decision to not play golf and represent Australia in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Adam Scott is finding some support.

Some of that support has come in the form of criticism over the Olympic Games having completely abandoned the pretense of amateurs competing for nationalistic glory.

Many critics have expressed the idea that golf has no place in the Olympics, even after Jack Nicklaus, Johnny Miller, and most recently, Australia’s Ian Baker-Finch felt it necessary to fault Scott for failing to represent for Australia.

That Scott did not show much enthusiasm for volunteer golf should not surprise anyone. Over the course of the two weeks the Games will occupy, he could make over $2 million by winning two tournaments. Simply making the cut, playing on the weekend and finishing anywhere near the top would in all probability net him several hundred thousand.

Fellow Aussie golfer Steven Bowditch took to social media to defend Scott, saying that Scott should be the last in line for being knocked, if for no other reason than the patriotism Scott displayed when he won the Masters in 2013 and broke the Australian curse and screamed, “C’mon Aussie when he sand the winning putt on the second playoff hole to seize the win from Argentina’s Angel Cabrera.