Essendon will start favourites in their big clash against Fremantle with a heap of money coming with online bookmaker seeing their price come in from $2.15 at the start of the week to $1.88.

Fremantle are now out to $1.95.

In other AFL betting movements:

Richmond v Collingwood: Richmond ($2.50) may as well not even show up according to punters, with 10 times the money on Collingwood ($1.56).

Carlton v Melbourne: Finally some good news for Melbourne, with some late money seeing their odds come in from $5.85 into $5.25. But Carlton are still clear $1.17 favourites.

Port Adelaide v Brisbane: This is one of the most lopsided matches of the round from a betting point of view, virtually everything has been on Port at $1.14.

GWS v Western Bulldogs: GWS’s price was too good to ignore and now they are seeing some money and have firmed from $2.20 into $2.18 with the Dogs out from $1.67 to $1.72.

Geelong v West Coast: The Eagles are on the drift out from $3.55 to $4.75. All the money is for the Cats who are into $1.20.

Gold Coast v Hawthorn: Hawthorn ($1.26) are the best backed team of the round with not a lot of interest for Gold Coast ($4.00).

Sydney v North Melbourne: There is now more than double the money on the Swans ($1.40) over the Kangaroos ($3.00).

St Kilda v Adelaide: One of the hardest punting matches of the round and there is now slightly more money for St Kilda despite being $2.18 underdogs.

Fremantle v Essendon: It seemed unthinkable at the start of the week, but Essendon are now favourites at $1.88. Fremantle are out to $1.95.

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Round 4 odds
(Prices in brackets from Tuesday 8 April)

$2.50Richmond(out from $2.35)
$1.56Collingwood(in from $1.61)
$1.17Carlton(out from $1.13)
$5.25Melbourne(in from $5.85)
$1.14Port Adelaide(out from $1.13)
$2.18GWS(in from $2.20)
$1.72Western Bulldogs(out from $1.67)
$1.20Geelong(in from $1.30)
$4.75West Coast(out from $3.55)
$4.00Gold Coast(steady)
$1.40Sydney(out from $1.38)
$3.00North Melbourne(in from $3.10)
$2.18St Kilda(in from $2.20)
$1.72Adelaide(out from $1.67)
$1.95Fremantle(out from $1.80)
$1.88Essendon(in from $2.00)