Jose Mourinho has one of those seats that are exceptionally efficient at keeping his tushy toasty during the horror start Manchester United is having to the 2018 EPL competition and every coach knows that when it is time for the cannon to be pointed, they point the cannon at you.

The history of sports is rife with teams of every code doing badly, only to come to work one day and find a new boss, but in the case of United, it is difficult to see how an axe taken to Mourinho would accomplish anything.

Man City finished last year at sixth on the EPL table and they are seventh at this stage of the 2018 – 2019 fixture, so if consistency is any measure, it could easily be said that if not for Mourinho, the United side might be further down, while it is harder to say that someone new could come along 13 games into the season and resurrect United.

Supporters could look at the -1 goal differential and see that United would be a top four team with just eight more goals in the Goals For column and six fewer in the Goals Against column.

Four games hence, it is easily conceivable that Mourinho could wake up and see the club’s fortunes much improved and there 25 games to be played.

The latest draw to Crystal Palace might be seen as an affront by some, but at this early stage of the season, Mourinho seems more victim of Manchester expectations than manager who has lost his mojo.

Mourinho’s win percentage since he took to a managerial role beginning in 2000 has been solid. His average for his 17+ years is 65 percent, something that cannot be overlooked.

If United should decide to part ways, Mourinho would soon be exhausted by the pursuit of other top-flight clubs and the reality of United’s situation at the moment is that they are one player away from being on top, if combined with a little football luck.