Two of the world’s premier sporting events will have their 51st editions in 2017. Super Bowl LI will be held on Sunday, February 5 (Monday Feb. 6 in Australia) in Houston Texas, although according to the wise guys who determine the odds, the chances of the hometown Texans being one of the two teams are currently 50:1, so it looks as though the NFL will go another year without a Super Bowl being played in the home stadium of one of the participants.

We have advocated for years some sort of scheme that would see the top NFL team having the Super Bowl on its home field, but that advocacy has always fallen on deaf ears, because in the final analysis, the Super Bowl is not about supporters, but an excuse for the uber wealthy and the aspiring uber wealthy to flaunt their success.

The other big event observing its 51st rendering is a multiple race skiing competition known as the International Ski Federation Alpine World Cup. This contest spans the months from late October to March.

Aussie participation in the main alpine events has been sketchy and non-productive, but the Kiwis can claim a connection to France’s Tessa Worley, who won a giant slalom race in the U.S. Her family moved to New Zealand from Sydney in 1972.