With 40 percent of their starters hailing from Down Under, the Utah Jazz are showing legitimate indications of being a team well-equipped to go deep into the NBA playoffs, although those playoffs are still several months in the future.

And whilst it sounds impressive to toss out a 40 percent statistic, since NBA teams only have five players on the floor at any given time, it works out to two players.

Those two are Dante Exum and Joe Ingles and the two dropped a combined 30 points in a 111 – 88 Jazz win over the Portland Trail Blazers.

Exum, speaking of impressive percentages, shot 66 percent from the field, going 6 – for – 9, and grabbing a couple of rebounds, despite that aspect of the game not being on his job description. Exum showed well despite having a dinged left leg and he was still able to posterise Portland defender Noah Vonleh with a Sports Centre worthy dunk.

Joe Ingles was a poster of another kind; efficiently adding 18 points to the Jazz’s total, missing only two shots in nine attempts, which included four three-pointers from six attempts.

Ingles was impressive in other facets of the game as well, grabbing four rebounds, handing out four assists and stealing the ball from Portland four times.