One bright spot in Australia’s less-than-expected Rio 2016 Summer Olympics campaign is the good performances by members of the sailing contingent.

Tom Burton has secured a medal of some kind, which he hopes to conjure into gold when his final race, which had to be rescheduled due to a lack of wind, takes place. Odd to say the wind was lacking, as divers recently encountered wind that was nearly blowing them off the boards to the extent that cancelling was a real possibility.

Burton is currently in silver position and can drop no lower than bronze.

Sailors Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Darmanin of Sydney are currently in fourth position in their event, and are confident that they can recover from their previous race, which left them understandably upset.

The pair, cousins, belong to the same Middle Harbour Yacht club as Burton, and they are only a scant two points in trail of third place Austria.

The gold medal favourites in the 49ers, Mat Belcher and Will Ryan, also had their race postponed for lack of wind. They are the current world champion and will be sailing in their final three races early Wednesday morning.

No one has seriously suggested employing the Russian solution to limp breezes, installing motors in the boats.