Not even the prestigious English Premier League is immune to disgruntled players unhappy with their compensation, as the rumour that Arsenal’s uber-star Mesut Ozil in not content with the latest offer the club has tabled as it seeks to retain him beyond the current season.

Almost unfathomable to those of us who play with computer keyboards for a living for well under what Ozil earns for merely lacing up one of his boots, he reportedly does not think much of $AUD 3.23 million per week that Arsenal expects him to accept for playing with a football.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is also amongst the disgruntled, meaning that Arsenal is squarely faced with the prospect of losing three of its superstars, as Alexis Sanchez is tipped to flee the armoury at the end of the season.

Where we grew up, we played soccer for free, but not voluntarily, as it was mainly viewed as an opportunity for the girls to kick us in various painful locations.

To read of EPL players balking at princely sums that would work out to a million pounds for five weeks’ work causes us to scratch our heads and engage in semi-nostalgic memories of writhing on the ground as the result of a well-placed foot making contact with sensitive zones of our anatomies and wonder how much it requires to attain contentment.