As good as Matthew Dellavedova is on the basketball court, his talents are wasted.

Online bookmaker believes the Cleveland Cavaliers star can achieve much more than an NBA Championship ring, like receiving a knighthood at $9.00 or even becoming our Prime Minister which is priced at $51.

Before Delly makes it to Canberra, he could easily be the next Mayor of his home town Maryborough ($21) and some would say he’s already an Australian ambassador to the USA ($21).

The 24 year old is odds on ($1.80) to win an ESPY, and is a $2.00 chance to get on set with Jimmy Kimmel and talk some dribble.

“We’ve seen how easy it is for Delly to score but he’ll be shooting the lights out if he manages to snare one of the Kardashians at $5.00,” said’s Christian Jantzen.

Markets courtesy of Join Here.

Dellavedova Futures (to happen before 2020)
$1.80 To win an ESPY
$2.00 To be interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel
$3.50 To win Australian of the Year
$5.00 To date any Kardashian
$6.00 To be given the Keys to Melbourne
$7.00 Dellavedova Jersey to top sales in USA in 2016
$7.50 To become minister for sport
$9.00 To receive a knighthood
$16 To be given an honorary doctorate at Harvard
$21 To become Mayor of Maryborough
$21 To become Australia’s ambassador to the USA
$34 Maryborough to be changed to Dellavedova
$41 To become Chairman of Collingwood
$51 To become PM

How many times will Delly fall on the court floor in Game 4?
$3.75 Zero
$3.00 1 -2
$3.75 3 -4
$6.00 5 – 6
$5.00 7 or more

Dellavedova antics
$2.50 Delly to fall into the crowd stands
$6.00 Delly to sit on a player on the court