The Golden State Warriors, as might be expected, have affected an attitude of nonchalance surrounding the return to Cleveland for a sixth game against the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals to earn the right to hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

They have a game in hand in the series, so this is not a do-or-die scenario, but anyone who has ever been in Cleveland might be forgiven if they should express reluctance at returning there, even though Oakland is not a vast upgrade, but it is at least near San Francisco, whilst Cleveland is not near anything.

One of the interesting aspects of the next game will be observing what influence the return of All-Star forward and emotional leader Draymond Green, who was ineligible to play in game four due to his latest misconduct violation that featured him making comments detrimental to LeBron James’s emotions. His absence in the last game permitted James to run roughshod over the Warriors’ defense and regain his self-esteem.

Andrew Bogut has been ruled out for the balance of the series due to a knee strain and bone bruises, but he will not require surgery, only rest and rehabilitation.