The war of words that is often just as entertaining at the bout itself, and in many instances much longer lasting is a bona fide aspect of the UFC, with the upcoming UFC 205 providing a steady dose of verbal fisticuffs.

There is Conor McGregor talking up a storm and boldly claiming that his next fight will be over before the first round, his opponent, Eddie Alvarez has a thing or two to say that would seem to contradict McGregor.

Alvarez, the picture of objectivity, says that McGregor has a chance to make it beyond the first round, but not much further. He says his strategy against Mystic Mac will take less than nine minutes to unfold and will feature a series of heavy shots, McGregor on the mat and forced to submit. It was basically a reprise of the system Nate Diaz used against McGregor when McGregor showed up out of condition, perhaps lacking oxygen that he expended with his predictions for that fight.

Alvarez seems to have the toughness to engage in a test of endurance with McGregor, who over the course of his career has seemed to prefer the role of front-runner and who has a tendency to quite when adversity rears its head.