It was a foregone conclusion that sooner or later, on of the sides in the 2017 Toyota AFL Premiership competition would silence the boots of the Adelaide Crows, but never in our wildest dreams did we envision that side being the North Melbourne Kangaroos.

Yet, that is precisely what transpired at Blundstone Arena Friday past when the Roos seemingly switched roles with the Crows and kicked 22 majors and held the Crows to 13 to record an upset that doubtless left the bookmakers flush with punter money.

North Melbourne pitched a shutout in the first quarter, and the Crows could muster not so much as a behind as the Roos kicked 10 goals to send the message that the rout was on and that they were going to be the routers and not, as predicted, the routees.

The only significant stat where the Crows had an edge was a narrow one-disposal advantage.

We have to cop to looking ahead and predicting that the Crows would be unsullied until at least round 11, when they faced a challenge in the form of the Geelong Cats.

Turned out we were wrong, monumentally so.

It was an untippible week that also featured a 108 – 85 upset of the Greater Western Sydney Giants by the sanctified Saints of Saint Kilda.