Coming off a round of upsets last weekend, punters haven’t been scared to have a go in Round 7.
Please see below the CrownBet prices for each match and some commentary around the betting.

Head to Head Line
Essendon $2.75 (out from $2.25) 1.92 (+15.5)
North Melbourne $1.47 (in from $1.67) 1.92 (-15.5) (out from -8.5)

The Bombers opened at $2.25 but have significantly drifted during the week to now be at $2.75. The line has also moved out to 15.5, which is where we think it will stay. Key outs for the Bombers are the reason for the movement.

Head to Head Line
Adelaide Crows $1.22 (out from $1.20) 1.92 (-30.5) (in from -32.5)
St Kilda $4.40 (in from $4.60) 1.92 (+30.5)

This market has stayed pretty steady all week, with prices about right where they should be. St Kilda have firmed slightly off the back of some money coming for them, but we don’t expect anything too drastic to happen between now and game time.

Head to Head Line
Hawthorn $1.10 (in from $1.15) 1.92 (-42.5) (out from -38.5)
Melbourne $7.00 (out from $5.50) 1.92 (+42.5)

There has been some money for the Hawks at the line, which has caused this to move out to 42.5. The key in of Frawley is the reason for this.

Head to Head Line
Carlton $2.55 (in from $2.85) 1.92 (+13.5)
GWS GIANTS $1.53 (out from $1.53) 1.92 (-13.5) (in from -16.5)

All the money is for the Blues at this stage. The market has only moved slightly with GWS -13.5 favourites at this stage, still plenty of more betting to come for this one.

Head to Head Line
Sydney Swans $1.27 (in from $1.33) 1.92 (-26.5) (out from -18.5)
Geelong Cats $3.85 (out from $3.35) 1.92 (+26.5)

Sydney in Sydney are always well backed by the punters and this week has been no exception. So far the biggest bet we have seen is $5000 on Geelong at the line (-26.5), and we are expecting more action to come before Saturday night.

Head to Head Line
West Coast Eagles $1.10 (in from $1.15) 1.92 (-41.5) (out from -36.5)
Gold Coast SUNS $7.00 (out from $5.50) 1.92 (+41.5)

The Eagles have firmed slightly, however the weather surrounding the game has kept most punters away to date. There will be more action as the weekend rolls on and the weather forecast becomes clearer.

Head to Head Line
Western Bulldogs $3.75 (in from $4.30) 1.92 (+24.5)
Fremantle $1.28 (out from $1.22) 1.92 (-24.5) (in from -29.5)

The Dogs have been fancied at the opening price, hence they have been moved in from $4.30 to $3.75. However, most punters think Freo will be too strong as they have been a popular anchor through multis.

Head to Head Line
Richmond $2.10 (in from $2.40) 1.92 (+4.5)
Collingwood $1.74 (out from $1.54) 1.92 (-4.5) (in from -9.5)

All the money is for Richmond at this stage. The line has been moving in their direction all week and is currently sitting at 4.5. We believe it will continue to move even further as Sunday approaches.

Head to Head Line
Brisbane Lions $4.65 (in from $4.90) 1.92 (+30.5)
Port Adelaide $1.20 (out from $1.18) 1.92 (-30.5) (in from -32.5)

Not much action on this game to date, Brisbane have firmed slightly, but there are a few weather concerns around the game and punters will wait for a more accurate forecast.