Whilst it is certainly true that we ourselves do not possess the opposable thumbs skills to derive much in the way of adrenaline or enjoyment from video games, we would not deny that there are legions who do, so footy fans now have the anticipation of a May 5 release date for the latest version of AFL Evolution.

The May 5 date will see compatible versions for Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox 1 platforms.

Players waiting by choice or necessity for a live streaming version will have to wait past May 5, with the wait seemingly not too long, as the release will be “soon after” in the word of the company.

Some portions of the game are already available online to users of Steam for PC.

PC users will find over 80 teams from an assortment of leagues that includes the AFL, VFL, along with bonus teams such as the Indigenous All Stars. Fantasy, it would appear, exceeds reality.

Teams can be created, grounds selected, and over 100 guernsey options, from official team kits to custom looks can be found.

The most eagerly awaited development is the ability for players to go online for head-to-head contests with other players.