Is it a Man-Bites-Dog story to report that Aaron Young is happy to be at his new AFL club, the Gold Coast Suns?

Young played 76 games over seven seasons with the Port Adelaide Power. Young felt that he was getting stale at Port Adelaide, telling, I just feel a bit rejuvenated. It’s a fresh opportunity. After seven years at one club I was maybe getting a bit stale and getting comfortable.

“It’s been good to come to a fresh environment, training is a bit different, different people around you and learning things off different coaches.”

It could be a case of making hay while the sun shines.

D’Oh! We just made an unintentional pun, but will not insult our readers, both of them, by explaining our mild play on words.

Young is just 25, so he has some productive footy in front of him and hopes are that he can supply some rejuvenation to the Suns. He should fit in well with a playing group entering career prime time, including Steven may and Tom Lynch, David Swallow and Jarryd Lyons.

Young was accustomed to old players at Port, so he may truly feel as though he has been given a new lease, although he may soon rue moving from a club where winning was a part of the culture to one where the culture is more “get out while you can.”

“I really enjoy the lifestyle and enjoy working hard with a young bunch of guys keen to improve,” Young said.

Young will be taking part in the AFLX exhibition over the weekend, as he tries to have an actual hit out with the blokes with whom he will be playing during the home-and-away session of the Toyota 2018 AFL Premiership competition.

Young’s best season with Port was 2016, where he had career highs for goals, with 37 and disposals, with 336. Those figures were well beyond any of his other seasons with the “other” Adelaide club.