Let us hope that the Melbourne Cup result is not as fungible as the recently completed F1 Grand Prix of Mexico.

It took some time to sort that one, as when the checquered flag was waved at the end of the race, Lewis Hamilton was first, his chase for the F1 Championship, his third consecutive, still intact, but on life-support, as his Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg finished second and Team Red Bull’s Max Verstappen apparently third.

Not so fast, (pun intended) said race officials.

After taking a look at some of the tactics in the closing stages of the race, it was determined that Verstappen deserved a five-second penalty for changing his line to block an overtaking Sebastian Vettel.

The modified results did not affect the top two, but Verstappen was moved down to fifth and Vettel up to third.

Once again, not so fast.

Further enquires revealed that Vettel was guilty of taking a shortcut across the first chicane of the course, leaving the track.

The third version of the race order of finish found Vettel now moved down to fifth, Verstappen up to fourth and Daniel Ricciardo no occupying third after initially finishing fifth during the driving portion of the race.

This may be the final final result, or there could be other “adjustments” to the finishing order.

We will just have to tap the brakes and wait to see.