How To Bet Online With The Bookies

How To Bet Online with the Australian Bookmakers. For those of us who may be young at heart, but somewhat chronologically advanced in years, new technology, such as that represented by the Internet, personal computers and smart mobile phones, might prove hesitant to make the switch from the TAB to online punting.

Even those who grew up surrounded by this technology and have used it for as long as they can remember might be overwhelmed the first time they visit an online bookmaker’s website, because the amount of information that confronts the eyes on a typical racing page can seem like a lifetime’s worth of data crammed into one place.

In reality, however, even we codgers can learn to take advantage of the benefits of online punting if we only remember to take it in bit size chunks at a reasonable pace that affords a high probability of a successful adaptation. As for the colts and fillies, it will be a much simpler process of spending a little time to discover what information is actually relevant, and which can be discarded for the present. Steps to Transitioning to Online Bookmakers

Step 1 - There Are 10 Major Online Bookmakers. Alphabetically, These Are:

1. Bet365

2. CrownBet

3. Betfair


5. Betstar

6. Ladbrokes

7. Palmerbet

8. William Hill Australia

9. Sportsbet

10. Unibet

These are the main players, at least as far as Australia and New Zealand is concerned.

Step 2 - Read Reviews Of The Online Bookmakers

This is where you can compare one to another and see if any clear preferences emerge for you. For example, you might find one that accepts deposits with a preferable funding method such as BPay or PayPal, whilst others might not. This comparison process will reveal that there are many similarities and a few significant differences.

The devil is in the details as they say. A sign-up free bet bonus might seem superior from strictly a value approach, but it may require a little additional digging to learn the precise rules regarding such things as bonus turnover, the ability to split a bonus into multiple bets and other such fine points. One major difference you will discover is the fact the both Betfair and CrownBet will for certain markets act as a bet matching service, allowing you to go head to head with fellow punters at odds that are far better than those of the TAB.

The others that function only as the counter party to your wager still have much better value than the TAB, so regardless of which one, two or even several that you decide to join, you will realise larger dividends and better odds than you can get from the TAB.

Step 3 - Open One Or More Punting Accounts

This is really very simple and it is practically impossible to commit any irrevocable sins. It is mainly a process of providing your identification, much in the same fashion as you would when setting up a bank or charge card account. The next decision will entail your initial deposit. 

Punting is supposed to be fun. If you are racked with anxiety over your initial deposit, you will not enjoy your punting and you will also be inclined to make some poor selections.

Finally, look at the funding methods. Most online bookmakers will take BPay, Visa and MasterCard, personal cheques and wire transfers. Examine the associated fees and make the decision that represents the least inconvenience to you and returns the most bang for your buck.

Certain funding options will give you immediate access to placing bets and others will need to be verified before you are granted betting privileges. Credit cards are generally instantaneous, whereas personal checks are the slowest form of funding.

Step 4 - Place Your First Online Wager

This will be exciting, and this is also where the exact mechanics of the process can get a little confusing, but rest assured that this feeling is natural and temporary. This is true of life generally, isn’t it? Give yourself the correct amount of time to adapt.

The good news in this regard is that the online bookmakers devote significant resources to tutorials of all types. There are online videos and there are also online chat services and phone centres where customer service representatives will patiently explain any details that you might need some guidance with. In a matter of hours, at most over the course of several days, depending on your available time to devote learning the wagering platform of your bookmaker, any confusion will quickly disappear as you develop familiarity with the process.

Step 5 - Collecting Your Dividends

Any of your wagers that settle as a winner will be transferred directly into your bookmaker account. From that point, it is a simple process to withdraw your dividends into your bank account. If you used a credit or debit card for funding, the amount you specify and withdraw will be credited back to that card. You will receive your dividends from winning wagers typically in a matter of minutes after final settlement.

There are some differences betwixt the bookmakers concerning minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts. This detail should be covered by you during the bookmaker selection step of the process simply as a matter of avoiding unexpected developments. Setting up a wagering account with an online bookmaker is actually a quite simple process.

The first time you do it may take a while, but for any subsequent occasions, you will probably discover that it takes longer to read a guide like this than it does to make your arrangements. Another discovery you will make is that whilst wagering platforms from bookmaker to bookmaker vary to some degree, there are plenty of similarities, too.

Some online bookmakers are actually under the same corporate umbrella and will thus have identical odds, terms and conditions, and wagering platforms that are completely intuitive from which to switch back and forth.

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