Australian Racing Online Form Guides

Free Bets and bonuses are now a thing of the past. It was once a huge business in Australia as punters always loved a Free Bet. But we are now in an era where online betting and gambling responsibility has taken hold for the better. 

Did you know the majority of punters are now betting from their computers or on their mobile devices rather than going to the racetracks.

That also means the traditional form of newspaper and magazine form guides gradually becoming obsolete with a wealth of online material now available for free, or through a subscription service online.

There are plenty of online form guides available now, but which is the best one? Well we will delve into that in this article, telling you what to look for and the best way to read online form guides, plus what features to look for.

What to look for in an Online Form Guide

Type online form guide into Google and you will find over 800,000 matches. While majority of those will be irrelevant, it will bring up several very good sites. All the form guides you read online will be presented differently, so it will be a matter of taste as to the ones you will want to use.

But we highly recommend using a form guide that is easy to read, quick to load and one that has easy navigation. By ensuring it is easy to navigate and read, you will be able to digest the information much easier and help your chances of picking a winner.

Online form guides at a website like say is very useful as everything is displayed neatly. You can drill down each individual horse by clicking on the horses name where a heap of relevant information such as recent results, track and distance form, first and second up form, breeding, age and sex, the latest odds, track conditions, as well as jockey and trainer stats for that particular horse and at the track.

The information listed there is the minimum data you want to at least be able to analyse a race properly. A ratings service is also popular, so look for websites that rate every horse in a race as it can be a great way to find value. At RacingZone you can get free ratings each day on every race for example.

How to Pick Winners with a Form Guide

Ahhh, the age old question ‘How do I pick a winner. There is no exact science to picking winners, because if there was then everybody would be a millionaire and the bookmakers would have gone bust years ago.

The good news is we can use a form guide to analyse data and trends and best use that information to predict the future. One think I always look at first is a horses record at the track and also at the distance, as horses who consistently perform well at either the track or distance are more likely to continue that trend.

Another thing to look at is the track conditions. Some horses struggle in the wet, while others excel in the wet. While others like a dry track whereas others may find a dead track too hard to run on and pull up sore. Casting your eyes over the record of a horse under the conditions is an important piece of information to look at.

First Up and Second Up form is important. Some horses can perform well when fresh, whereas others may take a few runs to find form. Then you have other things such as barrier position, weight, or even jockey/trainer stats to look at on some form guides./p>

What Bookmaker to Bet With?

We are now in a time where betting on racing has never been more competitive. There is dozens of Australian (and international) bookmakers vying for you to bet with them, but what makes one bookmaker better than another?

Well it is a matter of personal preference. It pays to check out bookmaker review as it will give you a good chance to analyse what products the different online bookmakers in Australia offer as there are some pretty competitive products and services out there now.

For example a bookmaker like Tom Waterhouse have a product called City SuperPrice which pays out better odds than the three TABs, as well as a service called Premier Ratings where they rate every single metro race and provide the ratings for free if you have an account.

Then you have Sportsbet who has a product called Top Tote Plus which is another type of product paying more than the three TABs. Luxbet has Best Of The Best, Betfair has Best Of Five and and Unibet has Best Tote.

Bookmaker Free Bets and Bonuses

Free Bets and Promotions. are now not available.

Good luck and happy punting and hopefully this article will put you in good stead to take some money off the bookmakers!