AFL Pick The Ladder By William Hill: 100 $Million Dollars To Be Won

Pick The Ladder is not being run this year - Sorry, maybe next year :(

Come the conclusion of round 23 of the 2015 AFL season, punters who accurately pick the finishing order of all 18 teams in the league have the opportunity to earn all or a share of a $100 million dividend that William Hill has established for the AFL Pick the Ladder promotion.

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Can You Pick The Ladder?

William Hill customers who wish to participate in this season-long drama are eligible to submit up to 100 entries for Pick the Ladder. All entries are for $5 and they must be made online with the William Hill wagering platform on a computer or mobile device, or via the William Hill smart phone app.

It is possible that no one will be able to correctly predict the finishing order, in which case William Hill keeps the wagers, but in the event that more than one punter is successful, the $100 million prize will be divided equally between all winners.

All winnings will be deposited into William Hill betting accounts, after which they are subject to the usual procedures, terms and conditions of withdrawals.

Hawthorn finished the season with the premiership last season, but Sydney was at the top of the ladder.

What would be the chances of the ladder being duplicated this season? Geelong, Fremantle and Port Adelaide would also have to be considered contenders, so it is going to require a high degree of skill combined with some great good fortune to take home the top prize. Since Sydney, Hawthorn and Geelong all had identical 17-5 records last year, picking the top rung might present the greatest challenge.

The Pick the Ladder competition has some terms and conditions associated with it that are completely disclosed on the William Hill website. Some of the more significant ones are that all 18 teams must start and finish the season for the contest to be valid, any team or teams that has points deducted as a result of a rules infraction as determined by the AFL will result in the contest being called off, and the 23rd round that will be used to determine the final order of the ladder must be played no later than 13 September 2015.

Punters will receive a refund if all 18 teams do not start or finish and if the 23rd round is not played by the deadline.

The Toyota Premiership Season Ladder seeks to add an additional element of intrigue to Australia’s favourite spectator sport. The opportunity to lighten William Hill’s bank by $100 million is a nice incentive.

William Hill has worked tirelessly since entering the Australian market via their acquisition on Sportingbet. They have a resident footy expert who has predicted the ladder for 2015, picking Hawthorn to hoist the flag for the third consecutive year.

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Would duplicating this prediction prove profitable, or do you think your level of footy acumen is superior?

Place your bets and see how ends up with the bragging rights at the end of the season, not to mention all or a share of $100 million in Pick the Ladder.

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